Car Park Gritting

Why use a car park gritting service?

Over the winter period when temperatures lower the risk of ice and snow increases. With newer car parks which are surfaced with a smooth tarmac the increased risk of accidents between cars and pedestrians slipping rises sharply.

Garma provides car park gritting services which includes pathways to commercial customers with car parks ranging in size from 10 spaces to 700+.

 What does the Health and Safety Executive say? 

- To reduce the risk of slips on ice, frost or snow, you need to assess the risk and put in a system to manage it.

- Put a procedure in place to prevent an icy surface forming and/or keep pedestrians off the slippery surface.- Use grit or similar, on areas prone to be slippery in frosty, icy conditions.

- Gritting should be carried out when frost, ice or snow is forecast or when walkways are likely to be damp or wet and the floor temperatures are at, or below freezing. The best times are early in evening before the frost settles and/or early in the morning before employees arrive. Salt doesn’t work instantly; it needs sufficient time to dissolve into the moisture on the floor.Source: