Snow Clearance Services

As well as Gritting Services Garma provides Snow Clearance services to it's customers throughout Hertfordshire, Essex and Cambridgeshire. During times of adverse weather our teams can often be found working through the night to ensure that when you arrive at your premises any laying snow has been cleared and that your car parks and footpaths and free from snow and safe to use.

Priority is always given to our contracted gritting customers for snow clearance. When you agree to a gritting contract with Garma you will receive a customised winter plan with agreed areas for snow to be ploughed to.

Contact our duty mobile for more information: 07969 866775

At short notice Garma was able to offer a competitive price and outstanding service for the snow clearing and gritting of our commercial car park and walk ways. On the morning after a snowy 24hrs, all our customers were amazed when arriving to work to find a clear and safe car park area.

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